California Paranormal Private Investigations
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The Team

Meet our investigative team!


Peaches-Director, Lead Investigator/PRESIDENT

Fascinated by the paranormal for decades, Peaches is very diligent about gathering all information about upcoming investigations. Her curiosity began early, at age 8 she tried to gain knowledge of the paranormal, including trying to record evp’s. Later in life she discovered the gift of feeling sensations such as energy and emotions. For several years she tried to find a group that shared her passion and desire to help others and learn more about the after life. Her primary goal regarding paranormal investigations is to find out the who, what, where, when, and why a haunting occurs and how to help both sides.

Richard- Lead Investigator

Richard has had a lifelong interest in the field of paranormal research. While investigating, he relies mainly on photography, digital audio recording and his own observations to either debunk or produce tangible physical evidence of possible paranormal phenomenon.

Cheryl-Lead Investigator

Cheryl had a life-altering experience with the paranormal as a child that set her on the path for more answers. She is a self-assured and inquisitive member of  C.P.P.I  searching for answers for others as well as herself. Cheryl's goal is to obtain scientific proof in the field of paranormal research and to help others with the paranormal activity in their lives.

Jennifer-Lead Investigator

Jennifer Garcia

Jennifer has been extremely interested in the paranormal due to very personal experiences she has had over the years. Some of her children have had experiences, as well, that terrified them. Creating an intense passion for an explanation, Jennifer searched for solutions to give pieace of mind to her children and herself. This was a huge impact that helped her to become a paranormal investigator--to now help others who are also experiencing paranormal activity. Jennifer has an impeccable talent to catch EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomena) or capture "unexplained" voices on an audio recorder. Due to the fact that she has experienced first hand how paranormal activity affected her children, it fuels her passion to help others. She brings a great deal of experience and skills making her a valuable asset to CPPI.

Frances-Tech Manager, Lead Investigator

With a large interest in the paranormal for many years, Frances brings a technical background in audio/visual to CPPI. Essential state of the art equipment is used to bring various “scientific” techniques and to add credibility to all investigations. Having had only a few experiences to date, she tends to pay great attention to detail. While excited to find evidence in our investigations, she works very closely with Peaches to meticulously work all angles to find a plausible, more natural reason that explains what we see, feel or hear. Her main objective is to present solid evidence of the existence or non existence of paranormal activity.

Don- Investigator

Don is originally from South Dakota. He and his family shared a paranormal experience over the expanse of a two year time frame while he was an adolescent. From that point on Don has been on a quest for answers. Although searching for concrete proof, he is not above pointing out misperceptions of paranormal activity. "When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains however improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes


Throughout her life, Politti has had personal experiences with the "otherworld", many of which being paranormal in nature.  She has been a student of the occult and world beliefs and religions since her early teens, and believes strongly in living a life of compassion towards all living creatures. Politti is incredibly grateful and feels very blessed to have found her "home" with CPPI and hopes to grow within the paranormal field by gaining experience with her amazing team.   In her other life, she is a professional bellydancer and Pilates instructor.

Politti is looking for something...  she's just not sure what it is yet.... 

This is a small portion of our great team!
Intern bios coming!




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